J. Panther

Born out of their passion for innovations, design classics and products that are built to last a lifetime, the people behind J. Panther Luggage Co. made a series of bags and accessories that are based upon the standards and construction methods of the pre-1960s U.S. yet designed for how we live now.
Hand-crafted and finished in New England with an excellent eye for details, these extremely functional accessories are made from high quality U.S. tanned leather and canvases.
We very much love this Aviator, named after the engineer/ craftsman who makes this item.  He has flown as a hobby for over 27 years and considers the aviator the ideal bag to take up on his flights over New England.
I’d say this is the perfect day bag to cary your essentials; a notebook, iPad, bank cards, passport, pencils and phone. What more do we need in a day?

Enter the world of J. Panther Luggage Co.