Just came across this beautiful, three centuries old brandy company. Edelbrand Stuaffenberg is a traditional spirit from Germany made from only the finest, ripest handpicked Franconian cherries, the extremely rare find ‘Zibärtleand’ plums and Williams pears.
The wild plum is our favorite: ‘Painstakingly procured and produced in a particularly limited edition, its wild fruit is an extremely rare find. ‘Zibärtle’ are no bigger than a gumball and they have proportionately large seeds, making their fruity flesh all the more precious. Because of their low sugar content, the mouth puckers when devouring these unusually succulent little fruits. Hand-picked locally, these redish-violet organic spheres embody the rambunctious spirit of upper Swabia and the Black Forrest.’ Only a very limited number of bottles is still available of this one…