Beautiful images of the Berlin’ Atonal festival – on C-Heads Magazine

Shedding Skin by Ghostpoet – as shared on Frame

Issue 86 of Other People — The podcast from William Carrà entitled “the heart has its reasons which reason knows nothing of”.

Nicolas Jaar and Brian Jackson soundtrack a soulful tribute to victims of police brutality on Nowness

Hear Aphex Twin’s unreleased LP as Caustic Window on XLR8R.

The beautiful and bold BeoPlay A9 Black Edition – by B&O.

PolyFaunais an experimental collaboration between Radiohead & Universal Everything, born out of The King of Limbs sessions and using the imagery and the sounds from the song Bloom.

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Looking back at the music that was released this year, two of our all time favorites: Thom Yorke and Nicolas Jaar, both treated us and the world splendidly. They both released an extraordinary album this year, in which they both show new depths in the music they create, sound wise and in musical partnerships; proving evermore that they are some of the very best artists making music now a days. Next to the albums the artists also released music videos, additional mixes and live recordings of the highest quality, which made them the undisputed rulers of our sound system this year. read more…

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Say hello to the completely updated website and a new set of Cleartones by our good friend Hugo Verweij – with a newly illustrated world by yours truly Another Company.
The new set, the Cleartones Pure, is based on the ‘sine wave’. The sine wave is the only sound in the world which can be called a pure tone. In fact it is the only sound consisting of a single frequency, without overtones.  This seems a good starting point for a set of minimalist ringtones, but a single sine wave by itself doesn’t sound very compelling. Hugo carefully sculpted it using techniques like frequency modulation and subtle effects can definitely bring it to life.

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Today’s read: The Gaslamp Killer interview on Los Bangeles.

HyperCube is an immersive light and sound installation created by Jaap van den Elzen and Augusto Meijer. As shared on Everyday Listening

One of our favourite hi-fi companies SONOS collaborated with New York based studio SOFTlab to create an interactive light and sound installation of 600 fluorescent light tubes that responds in real-time to Sonos components. We love that!

We can’t wait! Trentemøller to release his third album lost next month…

The culmination of over four years of Daimyo’s long lost music coming together on Daimyo & Friends. 30 tracks –  to download and enjoy!

‘Symphony Cinetique – The poetry of motion’. A truly amazing project by Joachim Sauter and Ólafur Arnalds at MADE Berlin — via iGNANT.

Summer finally started with this new release of Moderat ’II’. On streaming repeat at NPR.

This one is on repeat: Daftside, Nicolas Jaar’s take on Random Access by Daft Punk.