Beautiful coloured Portuguese binding twine, available at one of our favourite online stores over the past weeks: Flotsam and Fork

Uber minimalistic photography by the Vienna based photographer Rosa Rendl

Continuing the debut issue’s scale, the second NOT TODAY has come out, with finer details and more appealing stories. Available at Waterfall.

Kaptain Sunshine’s Porter & Co round wallet, at HICKOREE’S

Don’t make something unless it is both made necessary and useful; but if it is both necessary and useful, don’t hesitate to make it beautiful.

Shaker dictum, via The189

Flickr Find: These beautifully captured mountains by Tomas Meson.

We love these Nasa satellite images, printed on silk scarfs by Slow Factory.

Matthew Shaw and William Trossell, the London-based duo known as ScanLAB Projects, continue to push the envelope of laser-scanning technology, producing visually stunning and conceptually intricate work that falls somewhere between art and practical surveying.

Read all about it on BLDGBLOG: Romanticism of the Scanning Error

I want to go to the sea!

Teahupoo shot by Tim McKenna.

Photographer Jannick Boerlum captures musician, model and style icon Lars Love in an honest variety of shades of blue. As shared on Trendland.

Love the new rainwear by ISAORA.

The very inspiring Marc Atlan, portrayed in his villa in the hills of Los Angeles by Freunde von Freunden.

Conversations on the Hudson: An Englishman bicycles five hundred miles through the Hudson Valley, meeting artists and craftspeople along the way. Listen to this short interview onNPR.

The beautiful and bold BeoPlay A9 Black Edition – by B&O.

Ask the Expert: An Insider’s Guide to Delhi from Monica Patel-Cohn on Remodelista.

We love this installation Nendo made for COS, to reframe their white shirts. As seen on Dezeen.

Petits Petits Tresors is one of those places you need to add to your daily visit list when you have kids.

This is ‘Playing with Hangul’, an interesting toy designed by Kyuhyung Cho based on Korean alphabet. Love it!

Lovely glasses by Illesteva. As shared on Acquire.

‘Google, Volume 1′ is a visual statement showcasing all the first images that popped up on google image search for all dictionary words. By by King Zog at Jean Boîte Éditions.

Lovely illustrations for Brummell Magazine by Sanna Mander at Agent Pekka.