Although it was cancelled, it does give beautiful pictures!Speed Week Cancelled, pictured by THOMPSONLSR

Such a lovely collaboration! A new edition from their Kapok Collaborations line, the popular retail and online Hong Kong-based boutique delivers a new bag with their hometown neighbors over at Teddyfish. — As shared on Acquire

Hermes “Fox’s Den” Window Installation by Zim & Zou — on Hypebeast.

The beautiful new Delight Yoga location in Amsterdam West

The perfect table: Designed by Iosa Ghini Associati for Rossato.

The smart and beautiful reversible buckle belt by POSTALCO

Joachim Baan’s ‘Trash Talk’ with Travelteq.

The beautiful work of Ayaka Ito – on Trendland.

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We really like this project by the Tokyo-based architect Fumihiko Sano, located in the Taito-Kut district of the Japanese capital, which was named En yu-An. The eye pleasing light space functions as the salon and showroom for Maruwakaya, a company which produces monozukuri, meaning craftsmanship or art of design and manufacturing, that links traditional crafts to Contemporary art. The central piece in the space is an eye-catching long narrow counter made from tremendous Japanese cedar, which is augmented through the appliance of lintels, sills, and pillars. The diverse arrangement of the lintels and the pillars in the room aims to make visitors unconsciously sense the variation of the space. Yet the structure does not affect the existing surfaces of the space, it is simply placed inside the room, without being fixated to the walls, floor and ceiling, giving the space a very unique and organic aesthetic and feel. read more…

Spacesuit technology is making its way into high-end dress shirts so men sweat less – on Quartz

Contemporary culture from the North West of England: Tusk Journal

We very much like the light and straight forward collection of Christophe Lemaire, as shared on WWD.