These are so nice! The Canteen Cup by ThisIsPaper.

Jennifer Bonner explores ordinary roof typologies in Atlanta – as seen on

I don’t know what happened to the Future. It’s as if we lost our ability, or our will, to envision anything beyond the next hundred years or so, as if we lacked the fundamental faith that there will in fact be any future at all beyond that not-too- distant date. Or maybe we stopped talking about the Future around the time that, with its microchips and its twenty-four-hour news cycles, it arrived.

Michael Chabon, The Omega Glory
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Ivy Style on white socks: Not Just For Old Men.

Love this distort yourself project by Bertrand Lanthiez & Chloé Curé on Designboom.

Perfect shades by Warby Parker – as shared on Acquire.

Beautiful soap shapes — Hygiene Gems as shared on Trendland.

The Great Indie Magazine Explosion: A Survey — as shared on Vogue.

Koji Aoki juxtaposes old and new fragments of this house in Chofu and it’s beautiful! As shared on designboom.

Bulgarian designer Valentin Vodev has launched a folding bike that can be wheeled when folded and uses a magnet to create the locking system that holds the frame together – As seen on Dezeen

Some beautiful new work by Lenancker Romain for Intersection #20. Photography by Adrien Toubiana.

If Batman rode a Buell 1125: The Ronin 47 on Bike EXIF.